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                 Qingdao Dongfang Star Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. will provide technical support to customers for life. Before the installation of the equipment, all necessary data and technical parameters can be provided for the customer to prepare for the installation. After the equipment arrives at the user, according to the customer's requirements, the service personnel will help the customer to carry out installation, debugging and personnel training until the user can operate independently and produce qualified products.
                The company can provide equipment maintenance for life. The shelf life of the equipment is generally one year. During the shelf life, the equipment will be repaired free of charge and non-human damaged accessories will be replaced. Labor and accessories fees will be charged appropriately after the guarantee period.
               Customers can visit the company at any time for investigation, study and guidance. The company will provide the equipment matching, production plan and first-class after-sales service that are most beneficial to the customers according to the actual situation of the customers, so as to ensure that the customers have no worries, are at ease to buy and are comfortable to use.
   Maximizing customer benefits is the vitality of our enterprise.